My-S-Cap..... making a difference one stitch at a time!

My-S-Cap..... making a difference one stitch at a time!
My-S-Cap started from a simple request to make surgical caps as a Christmas present in 2010. It quickly went from making surgical caps to designing comfortable head wear for ladies dealing with hair loss due to chemo treatment.
I did some soul searching before opening My-S-Cap. I really did want to make a small difference in the lives of others. Being a former Home Ec. teacher, I was accustomed to having to write objectives before teaching a lesson. I did the same for My-S-Cap. I love to sew and help others. For me that became the driving force behind My-S-Cap. From a simple request in 2010, My-S-Cap is now a fast growing company with over 600+ listings.... all the results of other "special requests".
In addition to making head wear, I now make padded crutch sets and accessories, oxygen tank totes & backpacks, CPAP covers, stethoscope covers, walker totes, and now small girls headwear. All of my designs started with the simple question..."Pat, do you think you could make something to help ...... I always welcome input.
My-S-Cap is a small company with big dreams of..... making a difference one stitch at a time. I make that difference by offering items that really help make one’s life a little more comfortable. My-S-Cap donates 10% of each sale to a variety of nonprofit organizations such as: Central KY Cancer Program CKCP, Wounded Warrior Project, Salvation Army, and many others. I am blessed to have the time and the health to make this possible.
Since 2010 My-S-Cap has grown into an international company reaching over 5,000 sales at the end of 2017. Nothing "makes my day" more than hearing back from a buyer that they are so please with their purchases and that my item made their life and recovery a little easier. It really is the "little things" in life that makes it special. Read some of the 1000+ 5Star reviews. My client are just friends I've yet to meet.
"MySCap" on Pinterest boards are with information & ideas of possible items to help ladies going thru cancer, people with broken bones and some awesome recipes just to name a few of the boards. You can't go wrong with pinterest's recipes!
In my blog I hope to focus on interesting and possibly helpful information.
Not only did My-S-Cap surpass 5,000 sales in 2017, it also became a registered patented company. Thanks for making it possible.

This is an excellent article to read if you are carrying for someone in a cast.

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